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The funniest men of all time - Rebuttal

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When I saw the post The funniest men of all time pop up on my feed the other day, I was interested to see the awesome caliber of comic genius that would appear on such a strongly titled list.

I think we can all safely assume going into this post, that the use of the word 'men' is used strictly in the non-specific gender meaning of the word. Definitely.

Well that was weird. Let me take you through thought process, step by step:

  1. I don't know who half these people are.
  2. After some research, they all appear to be North American.
  3. I suspect, this is not a definitive list and heavily biased towards an american audience.
  4. Richard Pryor would definitely make my list.
  5. I'm gonna make a list.
  6. Aren't there any funny North American women?
  7. I'm sure there is, I just can't think of their names at the moment.

With my brain stuck on point 5, my own list must be heard! So my, nay THE list of funnest men humans of ALL TIME, with every chance that it may or may not be factually accurate, is:

##Richard Pryor The Chive got this one right, holy cow this man was funny. I first encountered Prior, as every good nerd only could have, in Superman 3.

##John Cleese Of all the Brits not to make any american list of funny people, it's John Cleese I'm amazed was missing. He's done so much it's hard to name favourite, but I'm going to try; Fawlty Towers. Or maybe Life of Brian.

Mr. Cleese also has a lot of interesting to say about creativity. He has certainly helped me look how I work creatively.

##Sarah Silverman The Sarah Silverman Show has made me cry why laughter on more than one occasion. She does a surreal, irreverent style of comedy that... I wish there was more of it. (North American funny lady)

##Dylan Moran I've been in love with this man's comedy since Black Books. I like to believe it's actually how Dylan Moran lives his life.

##Dawn French Dawn French is an absolute must for this list, for so many reasons; from Comic Strip to Vicar of Dibley.

##Sean Lock I find Sean Lock's view of the world hysterical.

##Robin Williams He had me a Mork. I've not stopped laughing since.

##Reginald D. Hunter I love what I perceive to be British humour, and struggle with a lot of 'established' American comedians. Reginald D. Hunter just seems to get it.

##Morecambe & Wise Is it fair to have a double act? If this was a countdown, there'd be my number one.

##Eddie Izzard He was the comedy soundtrack to my twenties. It's the bird flying by the plane that gets me every time.

##Tommy Cooper "What's this?" "A dead one of these."

There is a lot of pressure writing a list like this. I've given up trying to find CC images for them. I don't know how other people do it. Billy Crystal and Bill Bailey certainly belong on the list as well, I'm not sure why I haven't added them.

Stephen Fry, who I find immensely funny, also isn't on the list. A travesty.

I love Richard Ayoade's dry sense of humour. Which reminds me, Katherine Parkinson makes The IT Crowd for me.

I think there is actually loads of people of missed out and I'm also uncomfortable with the lack of order. It's not well presented list and you probably shouldn't take it too seriously.

I also find Adam Buxton extremely funny. I hope there is a new series of Bug in the works.

What would your list of funny people look like? I'd love to hear.