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Flexible Index Pages in Perch

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It's pretty easy to knock up an index page in Perch. By 'index page', I mean a page that summarises the content of a sub folder. For instance, you have a collection of projects, implemented as sub pages of a directory called 'projects'. You could provide a link to each of these projects on an index page.

Half-arsed working techniques

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##TL;DR "Half-arsed", as in reducing possibility of getting a fat arse by working more efficiently. It's a pun, I'm funny like that.

##Introduction I recently watched this video Are You Sitting Too Much? and the followup 9 Tips To Save Your Life. Please watch them if you sit for long periods of time, they're not long and you learn a lot.

I really had no idea, which is irritating because it makes perfect sense. It makes perfect sense, because even in my ignorance, I have already seen the benefits yielded from breaking up my work. Having unwittingly lost half a stone this year, without changing my diet (next year's resolution).

Converting SVN to GIT

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We've recently set about converting all our old SVN repositories to GIT. The process is quite easy thanks to the git svn command, but there are some gotchas. So, I'll detail the process below.

Every revision in a SVN repository has an author, these authors need to be migrated to the new GIT repository; which is done by compiling a text file listing the existing SVN username along with the author's new GIT equivalent. The format of the text file is as follows:

svn_username = GIT User Name <>

Content Management With Perch

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Perch, if you not already aware is a curious little PHP CMS by British design agency Curious because in an ecosystem dominated by feature rich, open source, free CMSs like WordPress and Drupal; Perch provides only one feature out of the box and costs about £40 per site including VAT. Curious because given this information, I'm still overwhelming drawn to Perch for a lot of my projects.